We're pleased to announce the release of Airsequel Sheet Music, an open source sheet music management application powered by Airsequel and Elm Land.

It's designed to provide a simple way for music enthusiasts to bring their personal sheet music collection online and make it accessible on all kinds of devices via the web. Furthermore, it can be used as a template / starting point for your own Airsequel + Elm Land apps.

Key Features

  • Backend powered by Airsequel - Based on a simple database schema with tables for songs, and files Airsequel automatically creates the necessary GraphQL API for the frontend.

  • Data management via Airsequel's spreadsheet UI - Users can add news songs and upload the corresponding pages via Airsequel's spreadsheet UI.

  • Frontend with Elm Land - The main webapp hosted on sheet-music.airsequel.app is implemented with Elm Land


    • Landing page with listing of all songs
    • Details view for each song
    • Play views with the sheet music (horizontally or vertically aligned)
  • Support for several file formats - Images (JPEG, PNG, โ€ฆ), SVGs, and PDFs. We recommend using SVGs, because it has the best quality to file-size ratio and unlike PDFs all pages can be loaded in parallel.


  • Playlists - Create playlists for a subsection of your songs (e.g. all Christmas songs).
  • Smart Search and Filters - Find exactly the songs you're looking for.
  • Offline Capable - We're planing to open source the core SQLite to GraphQL engine underlying Airsequel. Then one could simply have the SQLite database and the GraphQL API server running locally and connect the sheet music app to it.

Check out our issue tracker for more upcoming features: github.com/Airsequel/Airsequel-Sheet-Music/issues


The project is open source and we'd be very happy about any contributions from you. Check out the repository at github.com/Airsequel/Airsequel-Sheet-Music and don't forget to star the repository if you like it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We hope this tool proves valuable to all music enthusiasts looking for a simple and efficient way to manage their sheet music. We're looking forward to your feedback! ๐Ÿ˜Š