I'm happy to announce the release of Airsequel v0.3 ! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅณ

The main addition for this release is a SQL workbench where you can directly execute SQL statements on you database. To limit the potential of misuse, this is currently limited to read-only queries on our Free instance at airsequel.com, but on our enterprise instances all SQL queries -- as supported by SQLite in safe mode -- are available.

Screenshot of SQL Workbench

If you want to try out our Enterprise edition, we can now quickly spin up a trial version on fly.io for you. So if you're interested, please contact us!

We also updated our slogan on our landing page to "Launch Your Data", which I think captures our goal quite succinctly. โ˜บ๏ธ

Other noteworthy changes are:

  • Add dedicated GraphiQL (v2) tab for exploring the GraphQL API
  • Numerous improvements for spreadsheet GUI
    • Add support for Booleans
    • Increase / decrease numbers with arrow up / down
    • Load only active table
    • New icons
    • Make views read-only
    • Toolbar for focus view (previous, next, delete, export as JSON, send via email)
    • Better handling of edits, errors, and edge cases
  • Display available columns of tables/views on database overview page
  • Improvements for GraphQL API
    • Extend equality filter to work on all data types
    • Add missing introspections results
    • Support column names with spaces
  • Fix import of small CSV files
  • Upgrade SQLite to 3.38.5

As always, you can find the full changelog here.